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    In this post we’ll gather all the issues regarding the MMORPG OGU44. Feel free to add your findings in the replies and OGU staff will then either fix them or add them to the bugs list until they are resolved. Once the issue is resolved it will be added to the second reply “resolved issues” with resolution notes.

    Known issues in [v0.2b0p2]:

    ISSUE: Character equipment doesn’t update in real time. Character naked.
    CAUSE: The specific root cause is still unknown, but it is related to UMA 2.5
    WORKAROUND: By opening the character equipment window you can manually update the character when this issue appears.

    ISSUE: Server disconnects user and loading screen “Login” gets stuck forever.
    CAUSE: This is because in some disconnecting scenarios the game tries to open a “login” scene which doesn’t exist in the build.
    WORKAROUND: Force the ogu44.exe to close (right click from taskbar for example) and restart

    ISSUE: Void blast breaks the player character
    CAUSE: This is because the effect shrinks anything within the blast radius that uses gravity, once your character reaches a certain size it will seize to function.
    WORKAROUND: Simply use logout to return to character selection and then enter the world again. If this doesn’t work force quit and restart the application.

    ISSUE: NPCs are unresponsive or “too far to attack” or “must be facing target”
    CAUSE: Void Blast has an effect which sometimes teleports it’s target to the purgatory / limbo, this causes some mobs / NPCs to malfunction as they try to return to their spawn but cannot, this may lead to the server crashing and the mobs acting strangely.
    WORKAROUND: Try not to use Void blast, and if you do, please make sure you kill the mobs sent to the purgatory before the crash the server. A public spell has been added which acts as a home teleport to the limbo. We’ve mitigated this by adding human NPC merchants at the purgatory spawn, which can aggro hostile mobs, this is not a good solution.

    ISSUE: Character creation races do not work
    CAUSE: This is intentional as of v0.2b release we are rebuilding the races and classes starting from the human as a template, they will be reintroduced into the game in later stages
    WORKAROUND: Use human race

    ISSUE: UI windows, buttons and Minimap are broken
    CAUSE: Good observation, this makes gameplay annoying and I’m constantly trying to make things better.
    WORKAROUND: for now you have to deal with it. Please report any specific issues you may find



    ISSUE: Minimap and UI
    RESOLUTION: Minimap and some UI windows have been fixed in v0.2b0p3

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