• 1. General info
  • 2. Abilities & Spells
  • 3. Characters & Creatures
  • 4. Classes & Professions
  • 5. Items
  • 6. Buildings & Structures
  • 7. Development
  • Players create a character, customize it to their liking. On first spawn you will get some starting items based on your chosen role, also you will receive a 10 Skill Point scroll to spend on any skill. (RP backstory skills). All skills are individual talents, such as woodcutting, sword fighting, fire magic, etc. You can think of skill points as individual levels for abilities, skills and professions, when you have the required amount of shadow magic skill you will unlock [The Void] ability for example. Class / Role / Starting SP scroll choices will help you start, but you are not locked into any role, profession, class or skill, you can learn them all if you have the time.

    You log into an open-world where you can explore, craft, build buildings, do quests, spawn and command your armies, role play with other players and much much more.