Factions can hold infinite amount of player made guilds. Factions and guilds can form an alliances with any other faction or guild.
At the beginning of an era, a king / leader will be chosen commonly by violence or democracy.
Players spawn in a character that represents their faction and their objectives and agendas vary from player to player.
Playercharacters may choose to switch their faction as a traitor or as an exile.
More detailed starting features are described on /characters -page


Default Races: Undead, Demon
Native Realm: The Void
Advantages: Magical power and the natural talent for planeshift and shapeshift.
Weaknesses: Significant reduction in constitution and strength in all realms except the Void.
Common Traits: Outcast, Criminal, Magic, Shadow Magic
Starting Buff: Cunning, Persuation, Stealth, Critcial Power


Default Races: Human, Orc, Halfling
Native Realm: Physical Dimension
Advantages: Start of season has no God or Deity
Weaknesses: Interdimensional travel
Common Traits: Architechture, Military, Common, Diplomacy
Starting Buff: Strength, Willpower, Intelligence, Stamina,

The new age characters and creatures, typically native to the physical realm. Gods have not yet deemed these races worthy, meaning that filling that position should become an obvious goal for ambitious champions.

The native beings to the dark abyss, where evil and cunning specimen have developed for millions of years.


Default Races: Angel, Titan, Dwarf
Native Realm: Light Realm
Advantages: Fast travel speed in light dimension, also flying is a comming trait.
Weaknesses: Blind loyalty, gullible.
Common Traits:, Restoration, Scholar, Holy Magic, Religion
Starting Buff: Constitution, Compassion, Attack Speed, Speed

Holyspawn inhabit the light realm, also known as Angels and their kin are the people of heavens, mortals mistakenly categorisize all Angels as deities but in the true hierarchy of godhood they’re are considered lower class.


Default Races: Goblin, Elf, Fairy
Native Realm: The Dream
Advantages: Knowledge of the ancient history, Dream Magic
Weaknesses: Fragile, often depending on ranged or magical combat.
Common Traits: Animal Handling, Engineering, Botany, Dream Magic
Starting Buff: Critical Chance, Agility, Wisdom, Intelligence,

Druids, commonly referred to as Dreamspawn are ancient, nearly immortal races favored by many deities. They are peaceful but tenacious folk. Druids live in the dream also known as Dream World / -Realm, which is filled to the brim with magical creatures.

UNDEFINED: Outcast / Exile / Neutral / Hostile

Default Races: Dark Elf, ..
Native Realm: N/A
Advantages: Freedom to do whatever they want.
Weaknesses: Factions may view them as untrustworthy enemies.
Common Traits: Criminal, Adventurer, Champion, Rebellion
Starting Buff: custom