19. Jul 2023: I have now learned how the skill and ability system works, next patch we’ll add equipment and more weapons. Also next asset is going to be a modular medieval castle pack. (Wishlist)

14. Jun 2023: I have now learned how to implement most of the features including custom characters&creatures, animations items, weapons, loadingscreens and I am currently looking into implementing spell effects, I have also made a plan to implement TC2+WC2 (terrain composer+world streamer) in upcoming patches.

16 . Jun 2023: get Atavism x.7 on-premises (310.00€/310.00€, incl. tax) 100%
We have now acquired Atavism On-Premises (current version. X.10)!!!! FREAKING HYPE!

Next steps:
-Start building the greatest game of all time! Join now for free!

OGU44 Support
Alright, seemingly the business side of things is about to be in order, therefore next up PLAN:

Please go check above link and see how awesome the Atavism engine is! It contains all the AAA features, easy integration and last but not least it allows me to work with UMA GLIB!

Unless I get donations / investments I am able to purchase this on my own on 23.6.2023 at the latest.

Comment here or contact OGU44 for more info

Countdown to Atavism X.7 purchase: 0 days



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    - OGU44 SUPPORT - — 14/06/2023 at 5:09 pm

    Pls help! Everyone who donates will get some sort of exclusive official game content!

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    - OGU44 SUPPORT - — 30/06/2023 at 6:20 pm

    Next to do: import UMA GLIB / resources from uni4p8.unity package (v0.35a) to current build and next patch (v0.40a).

    I have a ton of UMA assets, the best format of all! >> cya on OGU44!

    A video of updated wiki animals

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    - OGU44 SUPPORT - — 14/07/2023 at 9:26 am


    We might be able to try ACv1.4 implementation with this article, although it’s not high priority, I have a good amount of experience using Animal Controller + Invector Basic, possibly A*Pathfinder Pro could be implemented similarly, all forementioned controllers are compatible and premade integrations exist.

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