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v0.1b.42p35 has been released, it’s buggy as heck, but on the right track; Spell VFX have not yet been added to most spells and some character races do not work, they’ll be there in the next patch.
—– NOTICE: [OGUv0.1b.43]: vBC+ATA have been delayed, but animations are being used via the native AnimatorController, A*Pathfinding Project Pro (ATA) has been imported and I played around with it for a bit, it will also be implemented most likely in 0.1b.43.
v0.1b.42p33 has been released for download, some of the older versions have been deleted from OGUDC01 to save disk space, they are soon deprecated. You can expect a huge update also on the next patch for v0.1b.42pXX;

v0.1b.42p31 includes vBC-Implementation, TC2-Implementation, R.A.M2019 Implementation (soon out!)
Added First 30 Spells and a Spell-Template to Game Portal / Spells & Abilities -tab (in progress)
0.40a2 I have managed to get some of the mob animals and characters animators to work properly with Atavism.
0.40a1 I added all the animals to the npc/system excluding the fish, but I also included the half-human pack there. Watch out for the grizzly and raccoon I already spawned, not to mention the penguin house… I died there with one character..
22.6.2023 [OGUv0.38a9p37L261CC0] has been released, the play button doesn’t work so after you’ve updated once, run the “/Application/OGU.exe”, for some reason game files verification doesn’t work. I’ve hired a consultant to help me configure the back end properly. This will be happening sometime between 23.-24.6., until then I’ll be adding offline content to the launcher; each time a new update is released you need to use the Launchers “Update” button.
15.6.2023 Released [OGUv0.37a2p3] to hotfix npc issue and whilst doing so introduced new bugs such as an invisible castle in middle of the map and huge desync, will be fixed tomorrow. Also updated Unity Store Wishlist

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OLD (but not fake) NEWS

15.6.2023 [v0.37a2p2 available](reference: [v0.37a2]) has a bug that clients don’t see prespawned NPCs but they exist on server, already know why, gonna fix tommorrow.

14.6.2023 Updated 7.5 Wishlist (To-Do), GO check it out! And help me so we can get the best engine on the market while it’s still on sale!!! Please and Thank you!

26.5.2023 Built ItemBuilder and SpellBuilder scenes in the project, they include all the icons, VFX, SFX and weapons.

25.5.2023 New portal page launched at! The wiki site has been transferred to subdomain some sites have been broken and/or out of date because of this. I will find time to fix these shortly. Meanwhile registering for early access / alpha testing is now available at

23.5.2023 New character models acquired! Mermaid, Saber Tooth, Centaur, Gargoyle, Female Centaur, Ogre, Genie, Goblin Assassin, Short Goblin, Fairy and Nemesis, Check /wiki/characters!

21.5.2023 Embedded planning excel file to I update this excel every day, while sketching out ideas for implementation and it also functions as a work inventory / log

17.5.2023 Implemented 15 packages, added some pictures to /wiki/general/UMA2! Go check them out! They’re awesome!!!

New UMA model package bought from

15.5.2023 Fixed /wiki/spells!

14.5.2023 VACATION TIME you know what that means! HYPER DEVELOPMENT!

6.5.2023 Added info template for patches: 0.030a4L204R2 and 0.27a4 (Live build)

24.4.2023 Launcher and OGU v0.29a ALPHA will be released within few days, join now!

23.4.2023 Added pictures of Village buildings !

22.4.2023 Added new core mechanics assets: see Mechanics [OGU_028a13]

22.4.2023 Added new model: see Ravens and Crows [OGU_028a13] 



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