I am currently working on a concept that no longer requires permanent spawners for mobs, but rather in the start I’ll bake “God spawner” which takes in random profiles for spawning multiple Legendary mobs somewhere around the environment and those spawned Gods will then spawn wild mobs around them.

Also player characters can have abilities or items to spawn NPCs that will either be their allies, merchants, quest givers or perhaps something else.

Players are already able to spawn merchants or become merchants themselves and quest scroll items already exist, so in theory players can already create their own quest givers by creating a merchant and giving it specific quest scrolls to sell. For example if your castle is near a lake where there is a lot of crocodiles you might want to give the NPC a quest for killing crocodiles or have it straight up buy crocodile loot from players. Either way would work.

..also also, I am working on npc controlling, you will be able to control your troops with an dedicated UI window.

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