OGU Pass: Basic


[Basic Subscription]
Access to OGU44 Online
x60 God Gems (purchase / renewal)

Before you start, please read the POLICY -page.

Any questions can be directed to support@ogu44.com


You need the proper subscription plan to be able to purchase this product.
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[OGU Pass: Free] is sufficient to play Operation Grand Utopia 44 BETA

By purchasing or using OGU Entertainment Ltd and OGU44.com services or products, you must have read, understood and you must agree to comply with all https://OGU44.com/policy documents, policies, terms and conditions, license agreements, disclaimers, guidelines and rules!

OGU Passes provide access to Daily [God Gems], which can be used to suggest new game content and to vote for content suggestions. The higher amount of gems per suggestion the higher the development priority.

Products, prices and contents:

OGU Pass: Free 0.00€/month (Will be removed after BETA)
One time God Gems: 30

OGU Pass: Basic 4.00€/month
Monthly God Gems: 60

OGU Pass: Super 8.00€/month
Monthly God Gems: 120

OGU Pass: Hyper 10.00€/month
Monthly God Gems: 240

OGU Pass: Ultra 14.40€/month
Monthly God Gems: 480

OGU Pass: SUPREME 20.00€/month
Monthly God Gems: 1320

 About payments:

The game content is same for everyone. NO PAY TO WIN!

Subscriptions are recurring, you are able to cancel the subscription at any time. At any point a change in prices should occur the current subscription time period will be used normally and then automatically cancelled, unless user purchases an updated version of the subscription. NO HIDDEN COSTS!

1. Register at https://ogu44.com/register and Login at https://ogu44.com/login
2. Go to https://ogu44.com/store and choose a subscription you would like to claim.
3. Add the OGU Pass product to you cart and go to checkout, then fill in the required information and claim the pass.
4. Having a pass grants you access to members only OGU44 game servers.

All passes are subscriptions for 30 day periods, except OGU Pass: FREE, which lasts indefinitely, if not cancelled.

If you have questions about subscriptions, OGU44, account, privacy, agreements or billing contact support at:
support@ogu44.com (or join discord)

If you have issues with gameplay please contact GM at:
gamemaster@ogu44.com (or join discord)


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