to make updating the wikipedia easier for developers I’ve decided to move it to WP. Old wiki is still up as long as new has been built, then possibly repurposed.

NOTIFICATION: Wiki is very much out of date, in terms of game content and will be updated after new FAEBU/EXEBU has been finished, old spells are located at spells\_old\

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30.6.2023 Updated Characters and Creatures list!

29.6.2023 BETA is set to begin from Operation Grand Utopia 44 [v0.50x], we are currently at [v0.39a2p4] (Barebones demo, but with most features). When BETA is officially released the free to play option [OGU-Pass: Alpha Tester] will be disabled and an [OGU-Pass: Trial] will be implemented to //deadline approximation August 2023

27.6.2023 [OGUv0.39a2p3L269] has been released, introduced few new features and fixes and tested out adding UMA characters. First character in place is UMA_Dwarf by Dragonsan Studios. It’s bugged out currently and will be hotfixed soon and more models will be added after that. Orc and Human work fine.27.6.2023 EVEN MORE HYPE! The Atavism server (backend+frontend) is finally functional with appropriate security in place16.6.2023 HYPE! We have now officially entered the realm of MMO, as OGU Entertainment Ltd has now acquired Atavism On-Premises X.10 value €498,00 (excl. VAT)15.6.2023 [v0.37a2p3] is currently uploading, server is already running that version; use updater (soon also launcher will be downloadable from updater). New patch has max level 4444 and some weapons on display.15.6.2023 [v0.37a2] has a bug that clients don’t see prespawned NPCs but they exist on server, already know why, gonna fix tommorrow.14.6.2023 Updated 7.5 Wishlist (To-Do), GO check it out! And help me so we can get the best engine on the market while it’s still on sale!!! Please and Thank you!26.5.2023 Built ItemBuilder and SpellBuilder scenes in the project, they include all the icons, VFX, SFX and weapons.25.5.2023 New portal page launched at! The wiki site has been transferred to subdomain some sites have been broken and/or out of date because of this. I will find time to fix these shortly. Meanwhile registering for early access / alpha testing is now available at New character models acquired! Mermaid, Saber Tooth, Centaur, Gargoyle, Female Centaur, Ogre, Genie, Goblin Assassin, Short Goblin, Fairy and Nemesis, Check /wiki/characters!21.5.2023 Embedded planning excel file to I update this excel every day, while sketching out ideas for implementation and it also functions as a work inventory / log17.5.2023 Implemented 15 packages, added some pictures to /wiki/general/UMA2! Go check them out! They’re awesome!!!New UMA model package bought from
15.5.2023 Fixed /wiki/spells!14.5.2023 VACATION TIME you know what that means! HYPER DEVELOPMENT!6.5.2023 Added info template for patches: 0.030a4L204R2 and 0.27a4 (Live build)24.4.2023 Launcher and OGU v0.29a ALPHA will be released within few days, join now!23.4.2023 Added pictures of Village buildings !22.4.2023 Added new core mechanics assets: see Mechanics [OGU_028a13]22.4.2023 Added new model: see Ravens and Crows [OGU_028a13] [21.04.2023]-[v0.28a11x]TECH24/7 TWITCH | INSTAGRAM | FACEBOOK DISCORD YOUTUBE

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